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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Word of the Month: Der Querdenker

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Quer is an adverb meaning "across," and a Denker is a thinker (from denken - to think). In combination, the words indicate a person who thinks independently or "outside the box," as the saying goes. Querdenkerin is the female form. But whatever the gender, the implication is that the ideas of such a person are not always understood or accepted.


Heika said...

Once again, the Germans find one word for English's six, someone who thinks outside the box. Querdenkers are often the most interesting thinkers. They have more than an original slant on the world; they also have the nerve to express it and risk being outside of the group consensus. Or can one be a secret Querdenker, who never lets on that he or she has a very different point of view?

Ulrich said...

Yes, Heika, you can be a secret Querdenker, but nobody would know!