Occasional musings, Geistesblitze, photos, drawings etc. by a "resident alien", who has landed on American soil from a far-away planet called "Germany".

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Death Valley 2011

Another photo book I just completed (viewed best with the Fullscreen option). I included pictures I shot from the plane that took me from New York to Las Vegas—I find the images of the varying patterns and landscape formations on the ground mesmerizing [Photoshop makes it all possible bec. it allows me to get rid of the haze that always intervenes when pictures are taken from great distances and through rather dirty airplane windows].

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Snows of 2011

I just finished a photo diary of the extraordinary snow falls we've had this winter. This preview shows about half of the pages.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Word of the month: Prinzipienreiter

Prinzip is German for “principle” and a Reiter is a “rider” (of horses). Hitch the two words together, and you have a person who acts on principle, as a matter of principle, in the most inflexible, even bone-headed way no matter what the consequences are. I’ve found, both in Germany and in the US, Prinzipienreiter (singular and plural are the same for both nominative and accusative!) especially among the ranks of low-level officials who get their authority not from their expertise or charisma, but solely through their position, and are willing to use what little power they have to the max by following procedures to the tee.

Here’s an incident during this year’s mardi-gras in Cologne that shows beautifully Prinzipienreiter at work (I’ll summarize the incident in my first comment for people who don’t speak German).

Note on pronunciation: Prin·TSEE·pee·en·RYE·ter.