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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sailing in the Adriatic 2011

Back from one of the greatest trips I ever took (the preview shows about half of the photo book I created afterwards)--I will open a post soon about the specific allure of the Mediterranean, which becomes even more irresistible when experienced from a sailing boat


fikink said...

OMG! Ulrich, it is gorgeous so far! The photo of the arched aquaduct-looking stone bridge with its reflection in the river is to die for. Can't wait til it is purchasable. FIL will love it. (Recognized your brother!) I am so happy to know you!

Ulrich said...

@fikink: Thx. The bridge BTW is a relic from the time when Montenegro was under Ottoman rule.

By way of context: Skipper Tony Reisinger took the Belami, a 44-ft-yacht owned by him and my brother Dietrich, on a 700+ naut. miles turn in July (shown on the first map) along the Dalmatian coast. The crew changed twice, which divided the whole turn into 3 segments. The second map shows the middle segment, where my brother and I were the crew (I distinguished myself by my deck-scrubbing abilities!), and the book describes that part of the journey.

Your suggestion of buying the book makes me think: Should I add English translations to the short text snippets that occur throughout? Most of them are self-explanatory bc they involve mainly names, but a few others are a little longer. I may need help with some sailing terminology if I try it!

Laraine Flemming said...

Well, as you of all people should know, Ulrich, I'm no sailor, but these photos are such gorgeous knock outs, I'm practically ready to sign up for sailing. Your normally landbound wife, LMF

Ulrich said...

@laflemm: As I've been telling everybody (possibly also on this blog), none of this would have happened if you hadn't given me a Nikon D70, which I'm still using, for xmas in 2004!