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Friday, March 2, 2012

Found Art Around the World

I have produced my first ebook, a collection of photographs I took around the world. The underlying message is that "art makes us see things we did not see before". For more details, hit the link below.

Kindle version, viewable on the Kindle Fire or a Kindle Reader tailored to a specific platform, free to download:
Mac ReaderPC ReaderiPad Reader

iBooks version, prepared with iBooks Author specifically for the Apple store.

In the comments section below, I'd love to hear from people who got the book.


Anonymous said...

Finally, the Great Plains get some respect in art circles!

I'm curious: You have a coda you do not associate with any artist--what was the reason?

Deb from Omaha

Ulrich said...

@Deb: Thrilled to have a first comment!

Here's the scoop on coda: I wanted to show the photo in question, but could not think of an artist to associate it with. Then I thought about a coda in the sense in which it is used in classical music, where it denotes a short piece at the end of a movement that was originally meant to be improvised by the performer; i.e. it gives performers a chance for a personal reaction to the work by somebody else they have just performed.

The concluding photo, which I consider quite gorgeous, is personal in that sense: It's a "Ulrich Flemming", so to speak--no association with somebody else is needed. It's also meant to counter the notion (which some may get after going through my book) that whenever they photograph something for its visual interest alone (as opposed to for what it really depicts) there has to be a resemblance to an existing work of art. Once you developed some confidence in your own judgments, you no longer need such external justifications.