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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We dodged a bullet

Snowfall on Friday caused more damage to our trees than hurricane Irene did in August—it also left us without electricity for 75 hrs, which meant no water from the well, which meant the toilets stopped working once the water in the tank was used up. But things could have been worse: A white oak behind our house split and one half fell on our roof, but didn't damage the roof itself as far as we can see without the tree being removed.

Why am I reporting all of this? Because the word of the month will be delayed by a few days—I'm too busy dealing with the aftermath of all of the above.


mac said...

We had more damage than with Irene as well, although that was bad. It will take the clean-up crew 3 days.... The house is ok, our view will be much more open. Good luck, Ulrich.

Ulrich said...

Thx. We also have some flower beds that will get more sun.

I'm still shaking my head about how a mere snowfall—it wasn't even a 'storm' the way it felt—can cause that much damage. We have several trees that got completely uprooted, and branches from other trees are strewn all over the grounds...