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Saturday, May 31, 2008

More on the Ode to Joy

We follow-up on stuff from the Hello World thread


Jim in NYC said...

Best of luck with this endeavor.

I'll be performing the Beethoven 9th with the NY Choral Society in Beijing later this month. I'll take along the parody you posted, but I don't think anyone will get it!


Jim in NYC said...

Oops! I didn't mean this evening. I meant in late June.

Ulrich said...

@jim: Are you playing or singing? If you are singing, I hope you'll be able to suppress your giggles when you come to the line.

Anonymous said...
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ArtLvr said...

Wow, Jim -- Congrats on your upcomoing trip to China to sing Beethoven! Fab opportunity.... That's how I first got to Europe, with Chamber Singers' tour in the summer after my sophmore college year. It was supposed to be just for the summer, that is, but I ended up staying on for a junior year abroad... Looking back, I'm amazed my parents were such good sports about the whole thing!

The really odd thing about my staying on after the tour was that it was due to one of our singer's coming down with polio -- we were told to avoid being with small children, and that forced me to cancel the original homecoming plans.

I ended up in Paris and then Geneva, with classes in both German and Italian, though I eventually switched to a French and Poli Sci major. My friend survived the polio, but my life was totally changed!